garage-door-sensorSo, you have decided that you would like to install security cameras in your home, but should you choose a wired or a wireless security camera system? This can be a difficult choice for any homeowner, but here we will help you understand the benefits of both types of systems so that you can make a more informed decision about your home security.

First let’s talk about the reasons you are choosing to install a camera system. Are you just looking to monitor your perimeter? Do you need to watch a babysitter while you’re away? Do you want to be able to keep an eye on your valuables? The way that you want to use your security cameras is going to have a great impact on whether you should opt for wired or wireless. There are two main factors involved in this decision: convenience and security.


Wired cameras can unfortunately be a little less convenient than wireless ones. Their wiring and cables make them difficult to conceal unless you have them professionally hidden, usually in the walls, which takes time and money. They are also nigh impossible to install yourself, so you will want to make sure you have a professional home security company perform the installation. Once again, because of their wires and cables, they are more difficult to move if you ever wish to reposition them. They can be repositioned, but it will have to be done professionally, costing you more money. Wired cameras are difficult to hide even with hidden cables, simply because their wiring tends to make them larger and bulkier, and their video feed tends to be of a lower quality, while still perfectly functional and visible.

Wireless cameras are the epitome of security convenience. They can be as large or small as you want because they don’t have to come with wires attached, making them incredibly easy to hide or conceal. They can also be placed anywhere you wish within the range of a receiver, and they are easily moved and repositioned. This ease of use makes wireless cameras possible to install on your own without the aid of a home security company, though professional assistance is always suggested.  Also, because of their simplicity and the little hardware required to install them, they can be much cheaper and budget-friendly.Security Camera or CCTV isolate on white background 478836331 And compared to wired cameras, their video and audio feed is far sharper and clearer, another plus to this choice.

One of the biggest benefits of wireless camera systems is the ability they give homeowners of “checking in” on the video and audio feeds from wherever they may be. Whether you’re on a business trip, a family vacation, or a grocery run, you can access your wireless system from any handheld device and see what’s going on in your home.

Quality Security

When it comes to convenience, wireless cameras may prevail, but when it comes to tight-lipped security, wired cameras are a much safer option. Because wireless security systems are expressly designed to be able to be accessed from any location (given proper passwords, of course), they are far easier to hack than wired systems. This risk defeats the purpose of a security camera system – it is supposed to serve as a comfort rather than a “Big Brother” fear! If you choose to go wireless, you will be far better off asking a professional home security company to do the installation than attempting to do it yourself. Why? Most professional systems are coded and encrypted so as to lower the risks of interception and hacking. Unfortunately, another disadvantage of wireless systems is their tendency to pick up interference due to anything from cell phone signals, to internet usage, to sunspots. They will also need a power source, either from a batter or a power cable.

1254480_84097959Despite their bulk, cost, and hassle, wired security camera systems come out on top in the fight for tighter, higher-quality security. Because they are hooked directly into a monitor or recording device, their signals are much more difficult to hack or intercept. Their wiring also makes them subject to far less interference from outside factors.

While they each have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, they are each more than capable and giving you better home security and greater peace of mind in your own home. So, what are you looking for? If you need more extreme security and aren’t concerned about cost or visibility, a wired system may be your best option. If you are looking for the advantage of wireless monitoring and convenience in placing and concealment, then by all means, a wireless security camera system is best for you.