You may have the locks, alarms, and sensors, but have you ever considered installing a home security camera or two? You may have never considered it, or maybe you simply think it’s an unnecessary expense, but here we’ll go over some important reasons why every home and family can benefit from the installation of security cameras.

A Great Burglar Deterrent

med235045Every homeowner has nightmares about that one day they forget to lock the door or leave the window open. Every parent has that fear of what could happen after they’ve tucked their kids in bed and turned out the lights. Home security cameras take away so much of that burden and concern because you can be sure that burglars and any other unwanted guests are rarely going to risk breaking into a house that has visible security cameras. Recording cameras can easily catch intruders on tape, which could quickly put them on the run or land them in prison – risks that make any “job” no longer worth it. It also increases your chances of getting help from authorities to recover any stolen items or bring the criminal to justice.

If all you are looking for is an effective way to keep burglars off your property, you could consider simply installing fake cameras. There are hundreds of false cameras sold by different home security companies, and they can be easily mistaken for the real thing. Mount them anywhere inside or outside your home, and you can rest easy knowing that you are already one step closer to a safer home.

Property Surveillance

Have you ever felt panicked when you’re away from home, particularly on a business trip or vacation? Have you ever found yourself thinking over and over during those times, I hope everything is okay, I hope nothing has happened? Your home and property are important, and security cameras can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what is going on at home. Wireless security camera systems even give you the ability to check your camera feeds while you’re away, from any mobile device. To learn more about the conveniences that wireless systems offer, you can check our “Cameras” page.

cameras-160997702Whether you’re checking your feed from your wired home monitor or from your smart phone in the Bahamas, security cameras will help you feel at ease about the safety of your property and your valuables. Different home security companies offer different camera options, and you can choose whether to simply keep a live feed going or to have them recording. One way to save unnecessary recording space is to opt for cameras that have motion detectors attached. Once motion is detected, recording starts, so that you know any critical moments will be caught on tape.

Family Safety

If you’re a parent, you know the anxiety that can come from not knowing where your kids are or what they’re up to, especially if you are a working parent. Security cameras that detect movement or human presence can alert you to when your child returns home from school or leaves home to go out with friends. This is a great way to make sure you know your child or spouse makes it home safely or leaves on time, and it can also help you keep tabs on who comes in and out of your home when you aren’t there.

Family Pet 153703963Nanny cams are also very popular these days, as they make it possible for parents to keep an eye on what’s going on while they aren’t home. This kind of surveillance can prevent any potential neglect or abuse that a child may suffer at the hands of a negligent or unreliable babysitter or nanny. It is important to be aware, however, that anyone within the range of a security camera, even on your property or in your home, must legally be made aware that they are on camera. If you aren’t sure about the local laws regarding home security surveillance, check with your county or city information. Any professional home security company in your area should also know these laws and regulations, and all of their installations should abide by them.